About Us

From our family, to yours.

In 2001, a family business was founded in East London. The Biltong Factory has been specializing in and supplying top quality biltong products for two decades. Having been loved and supported by so many for so long, we decided to expand our innovative and delicious products to the rest of South Africa, hence the introduction of Biltong Box. Our mission is to efficiently distribute our fresh and delectable products right to your door, adding a personal touch by allowing you, the customer, to choose from a generous selection, exactly how you want to experience our biltong. Whether it’s for you, or a gift to a loved one, there’s a perfect combination for everyone!

We strive for perfection!

Due to the inconsistent nature of biltong, we have worked hard for many years studying to perfect the art of producing over 30 variations of biltong, ranging from traditional beef biltong and drywors to experimenting with a host of different flavours, such as Chilli, BBQ Chutney and BBQ to name but a few. As well as with different meats, such as our famous Bacon, Venison and even Chicken biltong. We use only the best quality cuts of meat acquired from verified and reputable suppliers in and around the Eastern Cape.

We don't take shortcuts.

All of our products go through an extremely precise, hygenic and traditonal spicing, curing, marinading and drying process. We opt for this slow and traditional procedure in order to make sure the quality and love that goes into producing our biltong translates into the exceptional flavours our clients experience and have come to love for so many years, after all, the satisfaction you get from enjoying our products is what motivates us to strive to continue be the best there is.

Build your Biltong Box today!

Want to know more?

When ordering your box you’ll be asked to select four different variations of our products, if you only want one product, for example, fear not, you can choose any combination you please! You’ll be able to read up on any of our products too, either while you order via a pop-up, or on our product description page.

Besides the previously mentioned four chosen biltong products, the box will contain at least three extras! These range from various high quality nuts, mouth-watering biscuits, complimentary samples of our products and other goodies we will include to further enhance your Biltong Box experience!

Each box retails at R599 inc VAT and overnight delivery (please see delivery details, for more info.) The price of the box remains the same, regardless of your biltong combination you have selected.

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